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In Search of Family

...There are pictures taken on shaded verandas, with exotic plants and bamboo chairs in the background. There are blackbuck antlers mounted on the walls, and fans hanging from the ceilings[ ...]There is even a Bengal tiger, albeit a very dead one, sprawled under the right foot of my great uncle Albert.

Capulet Encounter

Affairs were a hazard, but they were not impossible. There were countless unlikely liaisons in that city - it seemed to foster them. What else could you expect in such a barren place, with so few distractions and so much spare time?

True, Blue and Accidental

Around a quarter of a century ago, before the Internet made the world small and the war on terror made it hostile, I boarded a ferry at Harwich on the first leg of a motorcycle journey that was to take me 26,000 miles across three continents...