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Lisbee Stainton

In the space of 18 months, Lisbee Stainton has played London’s O2 Arena to a 30,000-strong audience, seen her debut single ‘Red’ playlisted for five weeks by the BBC, and toured as Joan Armatrading’s support act across the UK and on the Continent. She tells Noel Harvey how she got there.

Acoustic  Magazine
August 2010

Steve Tilston

A life time at the cutting edge of Britain’s folk scene has taught Steve Tilston a thing or two. He talks to Noel Harvey

Acoustic  Magazine
February 2010


Wizz Jones

Eric Clapton and Keith Richards cite him as an important early influence. Bert Jansch describes him as the 'most under-rated guitarist ever'. He has a cult following on the internet, and his early vinyl fetches daft money on Ebay. So why on earth  haven't more people heard of Wizz Jones?

Acoustic  Magazine
March 2010

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Brooks Williams

Brooks Williams is now firmly established as one of the world's premier acoustic guitarists and singers.  Yet unusually for an American rooted in the blues, his musical journey has been less about crossing the tracks than crossing the pond.

Acoustic  Magazine
May 2010



Founder members Roger Wootton, Glenn Goring and Bobbie Watson talk about their second time around with the seminal acid-folk band

Acoustic  Magazine
May 2010


Martha Tilston

Determined to make it on her own merits, Martha Tilston ducked the folk scene for years. She tells Noel Harvey how she took the road less travelled.

Acoustic  Magazine
June 2010

Rosie Doonan

Following in the footsteps of the great singer-songwriters

Acoustic  Magazine
July 2010

Ruth Theodore

Ruth Theodore’s music doesn’t so much cross boundaries as trample all over them. She tells Noel Harvey how she got to be so different.

Acoustic  Magazine
August 2010

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Andy McKee

With his altered tunings, percussive tapping, slap harmonics and crosshand hammer-ons, Andy McKee’s playing certainly delivers the wow factor. But as he explains to Noel Harvey, what really counts is the feeling.

Acoustic  Magazine
June 2011

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